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Meet the founders.

The brother-sister duo behind Soul.

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mike-ang-old Mike and Old Mike and Angie playing

Meet the founders.

The brother-sister duo behind Soul.

Mike, a world-ranked boxer, found himself in the ring with his auto-immune disease & it took a massive toll on his health. Angie, a serial entrepreneur, top podcaster, and speaker, was battling unbearable period pain and anxiety. The power sibling duo combined their passions and created products that gave them natural relief. After months of research, teaming up with brilliant minds in the wellness field, sleepless nights, and plentyyy of taste testing, Soul was born.

Ohhh, so this is what it’s like to feel good.

Wellness isn’t one size fits all. take this quick quiz and we’ll play matchmaker to find the best products for you.

Courtney’s Plan

Health and Fitness Coach

Soul products help keep me in check! I am a much more pleasant human to be around when I have the products by my side!

  • 25mg Gummies
  • Chill Capsules
  • 1000mg CBD Drops

Andi's Routine

Holistic Health & Sobriety Coach

I end my day with 2 Soul Chill capsules - the ULTIMATE nightcap. They help me relax, unwind and calm any lingering anxiety I might be feeling.

  • Chill Capsules
  • Sleepi Gummies

Irene's Routine

Certified Fitness Trainer

I’m a big fan of the Extra Strength Rapid Relief Cream. I use it on my knees and anywhere that’s tender or stiff. I put it on before my workout and after a cold shower to recover faster; the cooling menthol is the best feeling!

  • Rapid Relief Cream
  • 1000mg CBD Drops
Gummies Routine Chill Routine Courtney Routine
Chill Capsules Routine Sleepi Gummies Routine Andi Routine
Rapid Relief Routine Tincture Routine Irene Routine

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Backed by doctors. Loved by you.

Backed by doctors. Loved by you.

Backed by doctors. Loved by you.

Backed by doctors. Loved by you.

Backed by doctors. Loved by you.

Our natural, doctor-formulated products taste so good, you might start hiding them from your friends and family
(we won’t judge).

Soul is creating their own holistic medicine cabinet that helps to treat symptoms while getting to the root cause.

Dr. Jess Peatross, MD

Certified Gerson Practitioner and Functional Medicine Leader

Sleepi gummies ensure I not only fall asleep quickly, I STAY asleep and wake up refreshed and ready to meet my busy day!

Nicole Lamarre

Fitness Instructor

I love supporting my cycle by using natural herbs and taking 1-2 Happi Gummies in the mornings during my menstruation.

Nicole Odosanya

Wellness Coach & Birth Doula

I love taking one Big Brain capsule and spending a little time writing in my 5-minute gratitude + positivity journal. Then it's on to a day filled with work!

Jessica Miller


I’ve love the Sleepi Capsules. Since I started taking these, my deep and REM scores have been through the roof!

Tim Machado

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

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“If you're trying CBD gummies for the first time, you can feel safe with Soul CBD products.”

“Fun flavors, great effects and great for physical relaxation.”

“Soul CBD is a feel-good brand with a CBD gummy standout that’s delicious to boot.”