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You’ll be your own hero with these capsules made in collaboration with, and formulated by, Dr. Jess. Plant powered and packed with vitamins and minerals to help bring your hormones, gut, and thyroid back in balance.

Bundle Includes:

1 Gut Hero Capsules
1 Thyroid Hero Capsules
1 Hormone Hero Capsules

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What’s in the bundle?

Gut Hero Capsules

Gut Hero Capsules

Who’s that calling? Your gut. Again. With just two doctor-formulated capsules twice a day, this cleanse gets to the root cause of digestive issues and supports a healthy microbiome. The best way to listen to your gut is to give it what it needs: Gut Hero.

Gut Hero Capsules

Hormone Hero Capsules

Life is about balance—especially when it comes to your hormones. These doctor-formulated caps help you unlock balance with ease, so you can enjoy PMS relief, improved mood, increased libido, and glowing skin.

Gut Hero Capsules

Thyroid Hero Capsules

Give some love to your metabolism. With just two a day, these doctor-formulated caps can help drop the brain fog and fatigue and boost your mood and motivation. Feeling good never felt so easy.

The Upside

Cleanse Your Gut

Gut Hero helps get to the root of digestive issues for a healthier microbiome.

Master Your Metabolism

Weight fluctuations? Not with your metabolism firing on all cylinders thanks to Thyroid Hero.

Happy Hormone Balance

Hormone Hero helps find your equilibrium to improve your overall health and wellbeing.