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  • Soul Recovery Bundle
  • Soul Recovery Bundle

Recovery Bundle

Sideline Aches and Pains.

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Recovery is the key to high performance. This bundle helps you maximize your time between sessions by enhancing relaxation, soothing aches and pains, and boosting your overall wellness.
Includes Thrive Capsules, Rapid Relief Cream, 500mg Orange CBD Drops.
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What’s in the bundle?

Rapid Relief Cream

Rapid Relief Cream

Powerful rapid pain relief, without artificials. Menthol and 1500mg of highly potent CBD address the source of your pain for on-demand relief.

Thrive Capsules

Thrive Capsules

You deserve to enjoy every day without aches and pains holding you back. This doctor-formulated blend of natural supplements soothes distracting pain, so you can spend more time focusing on what matters: living.

Rapid Relief Cream

CBD Drops


Enjoy our beginner strength dose of orangey fresh relief, sure to help you see the glass half full.