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The problem we’re all tired of. 

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Ever walk into a room looking for something and then realize you’ve forgotten what you came to find? Taking too many TikTok breaks in your workday? Hit the 3pm slump no matter how much sleep (or coffee) is in your system? These issues are often the subject of memes but for chronically fatigued people who often deal with brain fog, being tired can be exhausting. 

What might be causing your focus and energy issues? 

The modern world is designed to keep us constantly connected: to others, to the news, and to our work. This can be a good thing. It can also spell trouble for our brains. The stress and overworking, combined with the resulting lack of sleep, can cause you to feel fatigued even when you’re exercising and eating well. However, poor diet and lifestyle choices like smoking can also make you feel tired more than you’d like. 


Top 5 Supplements For Focus And Energy 

There are so many things you can do to improve your focus and energy! And many of them are all natural. Science and studies have shown that the following five rise to the top. 

  1. CBD - This one might come as a surprise! Many people associate CBD with sleep— and rightly so! CBD also promotes wakefulness during the day by relieving feelings of anxiety and stress which can fatigue your body without you even recognizing it! 
  2. Vitamin B12 - This brain boosting vitamin can help improve mental clarity, increase energy, and elevate your mood. It’s the nutrient form of sunshine for your body and brain. 
  3. Ginseng Extract - Think long massage or bubble bath, but for your immune system. Ginseng Extract Works regulates the effects of stress on the immune system which helps your memory and reduces inflammation.
  4. Bacopa Extract - This ancient herb has been trusted since the 6th century A.D. for enhancing brain function and improving focus. 
  5. Lion’s Mane - In addition to an incredible name, this mushroom has neuroprotective effects (meaning it works to prevent damage or reduced function of nerves) which reduces brain fog and improves memory.


Getting The Supplements You Want

When it comes to finding these supplements, you’re going to want to look for high-quality, organic brands. You can find them in most specialty health food stores. 

When you’re tired, trying another solution to raise your energy can feel exhausting in itself. That’s why we designed Alert Capsules to give you the power of the top 5 supplements for focus and energy in one easy capsule. These capsules give you jitter-free energy with ZERO-THC. 

However you choose to add these supplements to your routine, be sure to check the company’s third-party lab results and certificates of analysis to ensure you’re getting the top-quality product you want.