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"I love Soul CBD products because they're a safe and healthy way for me to manage everything from my migraines to anxiety. Personally, I use the oil every morning with my usual caffeinated drink to achieve a balanced buzz. I also love to use the oil before an important meeting that might get my nerves stirring. The Alert capsules are great for days when I find it difficult to focus. And don't get me started on the gummies! They're basically my version of healthy candy. I take two every night approximately four hours before going to bed for deep and restful sleep. I definitely notice the difference in the quality of my sleep when I skip them."

-Elsa Moreck

Elsa's Relief Go-To

Alert Capsules

Zero-THC. Zero jitters. 100% focus. A proprietary blend of potent CBD and natural cognitive enhancers for brain food you can bank on.




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Relief Is Just a Drop Away

CBD Oil Drops - 1000mg

Ready to go steady with CBD? With 2x the relief packed into the same conveniently portable bottle, this is the go-to choice for those familiar with CBD.




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Refreshing relief at your fingertips

Our CBD Oil Drops contain 99%+ Hemp Derived CBD Isolate and MCT oil, making for a highly concentrated formulation without any THC. Just a few CBD drops will do. And because variety is the spice of a healthy life, we offer our CBD Drops in four naturally delicious flavors — with no funky stuff added.

Our powerful tinctures are convenient and portable. Throw one in your purse or bag so relief is just a drop away anytime, anywhere. Spice up your morning coffee with Peppermint or add some Lemon Lime or Watermelon to your favorite cocktail. Easy. Powerful. Delicious.




Recover Like a Pro

You don't have to work out like a pro to recover like one.

Make fatigued muscles and aching joints a thing of the past fast. Formulated with professional athletes in mind, Soul’s Rapid Relief CBD Cream contains 500 mg of CBD isolate and soothing menthol that goes on easy and knocks out tension in a dash.

Soul Rapid Relief Cream is suitable for everyone from Iron Men and Women to weekend warriors. For more relief, don’t forget to check out our CBD drops, infused gummies, and bath bombs.



Get Back to your Routine Faster

Rapid Relief CBD Cream

Formulated with menthol and highly potent CBD isolate for fast, powerful, relief.




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