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Hey there! I am SO excited you are here…

I could not be more thrilled to be partnering with Soul to bring the newest flavor of legal, hemp-derived THC to your doorstep!

Launching this delicious pineapple-flavored Out of Office THC tincture is truly a dream come true! It’s SO much more than just another project to me. It's about sharing something that has genuinely made a difference in my life, and I hope it does the same for you.

My objective is always to do the research, dig deeper than the surface level, and expose my community to new, exciting products that actually work! This microdosed euphoric bliss is PERFECT.

In case it wasn’t obvious, I was never really built for the cubicle, and neither was this tincture. 😊

🌴 🏖️ With Out of Office, why can’t every day be a vacay?

- Blake

Blake's Go-To

Out of Office THC Oil Drops

Picture this: You, lounging on the beach, casually pounding down shrimp cocktail like your life depends on it, sipping your favorite bevvie, without a care in the world. No deadlines, no endless to-do lists, just "me time."




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Stay Focused Without Feeling Wired

Big Brain Capsules

It’s time to give your brain a software update. This doctor-formulated blend of natural supplements helps boost focus so you conquer your day’s work, without the 3pm crash.




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Brain food you can bank on

Have your brain storms felt more like drizzles lately? Soul’s Big Brain Capsules contain 25mg each of our most potent CBD plus other noggin’ nutrition, including natural caffeine, vitamin B12, green tea extract, bacopa, and a proprietary blend of plant extracts to keep the good ideas flowin’.

Bring on the concentration and increase focus with this powerful formulation that’s jitter and THC-free. The CBD isolate in our Big Brain Capsules helps calibrate the effects of the other ingredients, so you can keep up without ever feeling out of whack.

Concentrate Longer & Harder

Never Feel Wired

Maximize Creative Potential

PMS has G2G.

Take back your week.

You know that dreaded time of the month...when you feel like a bloated puffer-fish, you want to hide under the covers and your favorite position is ‘fetal?' The women of Soul teamed up with our doctors to pack Harmoni full of tried-and-true ingredients like dandelion root, B6 & magnesium.

We also added chasteberry, turmeric, and the magic of CBD to help reduce your inflammation and kick your painful cramps to the curb! It’s time to get off the mood swing and take back your week.

Beat the Bloat

Crush Your Cramps

Delicious Relief

Harmoni Gummies

Bite into a sweet treat that does more than satisfy your cravings. These mouthwatering gummies contain 30mg of cramp-busting CBD, plus a blend of anti-bloating herbal adaptogens to stop PMS in its tracks.




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