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Happy National CBD Day! That’s right, August 8 is an entire day dedicated to the benefits of CBD.

National CBD Day started in 2018, which makes this year only the second time we’re celebrating. That also means that most of us haven’t formed traditions around the holiday yet.

So, how do you celebrate National CBD Day? The obvious answer is, of course, by taking or applying CBD. But if you’re anything like us, CBD is already part of your daily wellness routine.

That’s why we’ve come up with more meaningful and creative ways of celebrating National CBD Day. Here’s what you can do.

Celebrate your health

So many of us first discover CBD because we’re seeking relief. National CBD Day is the perfect day to reflect on–and celebrate–how far you’ve come.

Here are a few ways to celebrate your healthier self this National CBD Day:

  • Push your body to a comfortable limit by doing one of your favorite sweat-inducing workouts. Or choose an active activity or sport you love to do, like scheduling a long hike or organizing a pick-up basketball game.
  • Journal about how different you feel now than you did before you discovered CBD. Are you less anxious? Do you sleep better? Have you finally found a way to manage stress?
  • Call a friend to share your CBD journey. They’ll be so happy you’re doing better.

Make a delicious CBD-infused recipe

What better way to celebrate National CBD Day than by incorporating your flavored CBD Drops into a new recipe? In a past article, we gathered some of our favorite CBD recipes for you to try.

Once you’ve got your CBD-infused meal prepared, invite your family and friends over to share. You could even suggest that each person bring their own CBD-infused dish that they made–a CBD potluck.

Try out a new CBD product

You’ve found which CBD product works for your daily routine. Why not use today as an excuse to try out something new? Instead of your regular Soothing Relief Cream, you could use CBD bath bombs indulge in a warm, bubbly, CBD-infused bath or add some flavor with strawberry flavored CBD gummies.

Introduce a friend to CBD

National CBD Day is an ideal day to tell a friend how CBD has benefited you. After all, the holiday makes for the perfect segue in conversation. (“Did you know it’s National CBD Day today?”…). You could try talking about CBD for athletes and some of the prominent figures who use CBD for recovery.

And if you suspect that your friend might benefit from CBD the way you have, let them sample one of your products–or, better yet, get them their own as a thoughtful gift.

Use the hashtag #NationalCBDDay

Share your experience with CBD on social media and become part of an active, growing community of people who take their health seriously.

Tag us on Instagram (@mysoulcbd) and we may share your post!

Thank you for being part of the CBD movement

How we’re celebrating National CBD Day is by digging into our gratitude for every one of our customers, as well as everyone involved in the production of quality CBD products. Soul CBD wouldn’t be here without you!