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At Soul, we know how important quality is.

Soul was founded by a world ranked athlete and a wellness expert. Needless-to-say, they are both incredibly particular about what they put in and on their own bodies. Their top priority for Soul has always been to create a line of CBD products that are unparalleled in purity and quality.

CBD products in today’s market vary greatly. In part because it is such a new industry, and in part because it is not highly regulated, which really leaves quality in the hands of the company. This can be such an amazing thing! But we know it can be overwhelming to discern what is good and what is not as a consumer.

We wrote this to help make your decision-making process easier! Here are the four biggest things to look out for when shopping for any CBD products.



Always be sure that the product is sourced from an organic farm run by experienced farmers who monitor the entire life of the plant. The hemp plant is a hyperaccumulator, which means it easily absorbs everything from its environment. It pulls toxins out from the ground, more so than most plants, so it is critical that the plant is grown organically, in rich, fertile soil. Impure products can contain pesticides, heavy metals (lead and mercury… no thank you), and unnatural byproducts that you DO NOT want to put in or on your body. If you want the most efficacious product, it must be clean and pure. Soul sources our organic CBD from an experienced family farm in the rich, fertile soil of Kentucky for this very reason. Our supplier uses proprietary harvesting and processing technologies to monitor the entire life of the plants. We should also mention that the plants used for Soul CBD are grown on a family farm with LOVE. (You know that plants grow better when you talk to them and show them love, right?)



After the plants are harvested, they leave their loving farm and head off to the production process. There are a lot of variables that go into the production process, but the most important thing for consumers to to be sure of is that the product was produced in food-grade conditions at GMP compliant facilities. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is a system that was designed to ensure that products are consistently produced according to quality standards. This system minimizes the risks involved in any kind of pharmaceutical production. And yes, you guessed it, all Soul products are manufactured in a food-grade, GMP compliant facility.



The company should ALWAYS disclose third party lab tests. Remember how we talked about the lack of regulation in the industry and how the quality of the product is really left in the hands of the company? This is your science-based, unbiased check on the product. This is how you can be certain that the CBD does not contain heavy metals or contaminants and that it is truly pure CBD. Any company who is confident in their product will provide these without being asked. Do we even need to tell you that each of Soul’s products come with a certificate of third party testing?



As with anything, it is important for consumers to know who the people running the company you are purchasing from are. You want to know that they care about more than just a dollar in their pocket. You want to be sure that they care about the health of their consumers and the health of the environment. Our company was founded in Soul alignment. The quality and purity of our product is our highest priority. We always want to be sure to make the best product available for you. Our products are organic and grown sustainably on family farms, unparalleled in purity and quality. We are always here to provide you, our Soul Squad, with the best CBD product and CBD education. We truly want the best for our planet and for our people. We are a company founded in soul, for Soul.