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CBD is the latest health craze and people are eager to get their hands on it. In fact, the entire industry is projected to be worth $22 billion by 2022.  There are hundreds of companies coming out with their own CBD lines but, as is the case with organic foods, some might not be as pure and clean-cut as they seem.

Not all CBD is created equal. Certain strains may contain residual solvents, bacteria or fungus, high amounts of THC, metals, and the worst of all…pesticides. Seeing as CBD, in general, has a reputation for being holistic, natural, and overall healthful, people tend to just assume that it’s 100% pure and responsibly grown. This is why it’s important to do your research before ordering a $60 bottle of magic remedies off the internet or from your local health food store. These are things you should look out for when buying CBD.

Most CBD has less than 0.03% of active THC in it. This prevents any failed drug tests and unwanted highs. In fact, if a product contains more than 0.03% of THC, it cannot officially be a legalized hemp product. All strains of CBD are supposed to be tested in a third-party accredited laboratory, far away from the influence of their mother company. At the same time of testing the potency and THC concentration, those labs can check for the presence of foreign contaminants.

This is an important area to test, as hemp plants can absorb all the chemicals that they come in contact with. If there are any dangerous substances in the soil, water, or air during the growing process, the hemp could take that in as well. Although a lot of us want to find the cheapest option possible, that’s not necessarily the best choice, especially when it comes to CBD. Expensive CBD products are usually of better quality, so it’s worth the extra money.

Perhaps one of the most dangerous substances that can be found in certain CBD products is pesticides. The chemical is used to kill any insects or organisms that will be harmful to a plant. According to the Toxics Action Center, “Pesticides have been linked to a wide range of human health hazards, ranging from short-term impacts such as headaches and nausea to chronic impacts like cancer, reproductive harm, and endocrine disruption.” It would be counter-productive to ingest a CBD product if it was contaminated with pesticides.

The best CBD products available on the market are those in which the hemp was grown in rich, fertile soil and the oil produced in a food-grade facility. And, of course, it must be tested by a reliable, third-party facility. If you’re looking for a product with consistent high-quality and levels of CBD, Soul CBD is your best choice. Our hemp, in particular, is thoroughly tested for purity, quality, and cleanliness.  They come in the form of bath bombs, CBD drops, relief cream, and more. There’s something for everyone!