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Getting Started with CBD. 

These days, CBD is everywhere. From your friend who eased their chronic pain to your coworker who soothed their anxiety. Even your mother-in-law who, suddenly, sleeps through the night. 

But getting started with CBD on your own from zero? Well, it feels overwhelming.  

This guide will help you begin. Whether you want to know ‘is this fairy dust or science’ or ‘what dosage do I use,’ our beginner’s guide addresses your questions with easy-to-understand explanations. 


What is CBD? 

CBD is short for canna-bi-diol. It’s the second most prevalent compound found in the hemp plant. CBD affects the Endocannabinoid system in your body, helping maintain homeostasis in the nervous system and the immune system. CBD is not psychoactive. Meaning, you won’t feel “high,” And it’s legal! 


Ways To Take CBD? 

CBD can easily be made into an oil, so you find it both as an oil and inside gummies, capsules, topicals, and even foods. Some formats are better suited for certain maladies, but how to consume your CBD largely comes down to preference! 


Topicals: Popular with athletes and those who suffer from inflammation and joint pain, CBD topicals don’t enter the bloodstream. They work to relieve, not mask, pain through the high number of cannabinoid receptors on the skin

Gummies: Hate pills? Prefer not to measure? Gummies are the easiest and one of the tastiest ways to incorporate CBD. Available in a variety of flavors as well as sweet and sour varieties, CBD gummies are especially convenient for traveling or staying on the go. Plus, gummies make it easy to see just how many milligrams you’re ingesting (perfect for beginners who want to start with a low dose). 

Oils: Want to feel the benefits of CBD ASAP?  Oils are for you. This method isn’t subject to metabolic breakdown. You simply leave the drops beneath your tongue for 30 seconds, wait roughly 30 minutes, and feel the warm and fuzzy vibes set in. 

Capsules: Capsules make taking CBD as easy as taking a vitamin. They’re a discrete choice, look just like any other supplement, and have no flavor. The best capsules are doctor-formulated with complementary supplements that aid the CBD in providing additional benefits. 


CBD Doesn’t Get You High 

Many CBD newbies worry about psychoactive effects. Despite the myths and misconceptions, CBD will not get you high. This is because CBD isolate has no THC which is the compound that causes a high feeling in your body and mind. Unlike THC, CBD is 100% legal in all 50 states


Quality is Key 

All CBD is not created equal. The benefits and safety of any CBD product depends on the purity and source of the CBD inside. There are three key components to evaluating the quality of the CBD you’re purchasing. 

  1. COAs/3rd party testing: Certificates of Analysis verify that a third party has tested your product’s contents and contaminates. With the CBD market exploding, this is more critical than ever before. Fraudulent companies sell products with contaminants, illegal levels of THC, and less CBD than advertised. Legitimate CBD companies will provide COAs on their website.
  2. Organically Grown: The term organic is used so frequently that it’s lost some of its meaning. In reality, when it comes to a product you’re absorbing or consuming, it’s critical to your health. At its root, organic refers to anything produced without organisms, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, etc.
  3. USA farmed: When it comes to quality controls, plants grown in America are subject to more rules and regulations. This protects you, the end consumer, from contaminants. 


The sweet spot: 30 days. 

While your friends and family may have referred to CBD as “magic,” it is, in fact a natural compound that requires time to build up in your system! 

Set your expectations accordingly. Give yourself 30 days to find your rhythm with the dose that works best for you and feel the difference as the benefits compound over time. 

Incorporating CBD into your routine can feel intimidating. We work to make it easy. With CBD in multiple, accessible forms and assurances on quality, you can focus o getting started in the way that feels comfortable to you. New to CBD? Our starter packs make taking the first step easy. Discover your perfect routine or favorite flavor and transform your life with a natural wellness solution.