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By now you’ve no doubt heard a thing or two about CBD, the hemp-derived compound that can help with everything from fatigue to anxiousness. But how much do you take to get the full effects? While CBD affects everyone differently — and serving sizes will vary from one person to the next — Soul CBD is here to help you figure out how much to take so you can soak up its full spectrum of benefits. 

The Many Ways to Take CBD

One of the best things about CBD is that it comes in so many different formats. You can pop a CBD gummy after dinner to wind down for the evening, toss a few drops of oil in your evening tea for some relaxing effects or even apply it directly to the skin for some soothing muscle recovery. Depending on if it’s a gummy, a capsule or a dropper full of oil, the concentration and amount of CBD in each serving size will vary. With that said, there are some ways to determine how much to take each day.

What to Know About CBD Serving Sizes

Understanding how CBD is measured will help ensure that you know how much of the compound you’re getting with each product so you have a positive experience every time you go to enjoy a gummy or a drop of oil. Here’s what to know.

  • CBD Is Measured in Milligrams – CBD is measured by weight in milligrams (MG) and tells us how much of the compound is in each product. While many people experience different effects at different milligram levels, we’ve found that 10 to 15 milligrams is a great starting point for beginners.
  • Serving Size vs. the Entire Product – Most manufacturers will list both the amount of CBD in each serving size (i.e., each gummy or capsule) as well as how much CBD is in the entire package of the product. Make sure you’re looking at the right number so you get your serving size right.
  • Figuring Out Oil Serving Sizes – Determining serving size for liquid CBD, such as our CBD oil drops, is a bit different because it’s not pre-determined by the capsule or gummy. Typically, a liquid product will list the milliliters (ML) in addition to the milligrams on the bottle. Milliliters refers to the amount of liquid per serving and, in the case of our drops, each serving has 16 milligrams of CBD. It’s easy to control dosage by taking a full or partial dropper at a time.
  • Isolate vs. Full-Spectrum CBD – Understanding CBD isolate vs. full spectrum CBD is important in understanding how to take CBD. Wherever possible, you should choose CBD isolate to be 100 percent sure that your product doesn’t contain any amount of THC.

How Much CBD to Take 

Always start with the recommended serving size (for example: one gummy or capsule) to begin. For most people, starting with a low serving size is a great way to go. For others, one and a half or two may yield better results. Be sure to read our guide on how much CBD to take to ensure that you get the proper amount no matter what. We’ve made it easy to get the proper amount with every serving.