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Did you know that August 8th is National CBD Day? It was founded in 2018 to bring about greater awareness of cannabidiol — or CBD, as you probably know it. Our favorite cannabinoid is also the most widely used for therapeutic reasons, thanks to its increased availability, growing acceptance and newly achieved legal status.If you didn’t know already, CBD is derived from the hemp plant. The farming and harvest of industrial hemp became legal at the federal level with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. This was exciting news because it legalized the production of CBD products across all 50 states and opened the doors to countless Americans looking to make positive changes in their lives. So, in honor of National CBD Day, we’ve put together a list of awesome ways for you to celebrate!

A Brief History of CBD

Cannabidiol is one of over a hundred different cannabinoids found in hemp plants. And believe it or not, it was the second cannabinoid ever discovered. This dates back to when CBD was first isolated by American scientist Robert Adams in his laboratory in 1940. At the same time, cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) was also discovered.

Further research determined that CBDA can be considered the precursor or raw form of CBD. In addition, studies would reveal that the transformation from CBDA to CBD occurs when hemp plants are exposed to a process called decarboxylation. If this all sounds very scientific to you, don’t worry about it too much. All you need to know is that these were the exciting first discoveries that put us on the path to today.

So, what’s been happening in the 80ish years since Adams first discovered CBD? Only a few years later, in 1944, researchers from the University of Oxford documented the potential that CBD holds as a therapeutic sleep aid for the first time. However, after this, the focus, unfortunately, shifted away from CBD for a while. Instead, the spotlight was firmly focused on its psychoactive cannabinoid sibling, THC. This lasted for much of the 1960s and 1970s.

Exciting discoveries began to happen in the mid-1980s when Allyn Howlett’s laboratory at St. Louis University provided the first findings illustrating the existence of cannabinoid receptors in our bodies. This research was pushed further with additional discoveries in 1988, 1990 and 1993 that identified both the CB1 and CB2 receptors that we know today are crucial parts of the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Progress has been slow due to restrictive laws and a generally sour societal attitude towards Cannabis sativa in general. But thanks to broadening perspectives and a shift in public opinion, both in the US and abroad, regulations are changing, and new advances are being made regarding CBD research and production.

These days, some of the biggest challenges facing CBD are how to get it from the farms into customer’s hands as technologies need to change to accommodate both demand and the need to carefully handle hemp flowers in the harvesting and processing stages. However, with projected domestic sales of nearly $2 billion forecasted for 2022, CBD products are here to stay. So we can be sure that exciting innovations are on the horizon and that we’ll have even more to celebrate next year!


Celebrate Good Times!

To help celebrate National CBD Day on August 8th, we’ve put together a list of 8 awesome ways for you to honor this fantastic cannabinoid!


  1. Try CBD for the first time.
  2. If you haven’t already tried CBD, there’s no time like the present! Of course, we’re big fans, but there are many reasons for you to give CBD a try. Use National CBD Day to discover what tens of thousands of Americans already know and unlock the power of CBD’s benefits for your life today!


  3. Try a new type of CBD product.
    Many of us who enjoy CBD products started with and continue to love our CBD drops. Probably because they come in so many fantastic flavors like watermelon mint and raspberry lemonade. As CBD grows in acceptance and popularity, there is an increasing number of ways you can bring this amazing cannabinoid into your life. Gummies, capsules, topical creams and even CBD bath bombs are some of the different types of CBD out there now. Use National CBD Day to try something new!

  5. Learn more about hemp.
    Hemp is an amazing plant that has been used by cultures and societies around the world for literally thousands of years. It’s a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant. And, as we’ve mentioned, it’s legal to grow across the U.S. Hemp can be used as a great building material, and it’s a sustainable alternative for paper production. It can be used to make bioplastics. And, of course, it gives us our beloved cannabinoid, CBD! Hemp is an often misunderstood plant, but National CBD Day is a great time to learn more about it

  7. Learn more about CBD.
    If you’re asking yourself What does CBD stand for?” you’re not alone! Because, trust us, it’s more than three simple letters. And while 1 in 7 Americans have tried CBD products, many others have yet to do so. Maybe something stopping you is just not knowing more about CBD. So, why not take National CBD Day as an opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn more about CBD?

  9. Come out of the CBD closet.
    While many folks like to keep their personal care and supplement routines to themselves, in the Soul community we’ve discovered that sharing our stories and wins is a great benefit to others seeking relief through CBD. We love sharing our own story, so come learn more about us and, in turn, hopefully, we’ll inspire you to share your own story. Then you’ll be ready to celebrate National CBD Day publicly with the rest of us as we continue to enjoy the benefits of this fantastic compound.

  11. Share the gift of CBD with friends and family.
    Nothing says Happy National CBD Day like giving the gift of CBD to friends or family, especially those who aren’t familiar with the benefits. Giving a CBD bundle is a great way to help someone try various products at the same time or meet a need they might have. But if you’re not quite sure what would suit them, the old gift card option is always a winner.

  13. Make a delicious meal or cocktail with CBD.
    Cooking with CBD is becoming a popular pastime for many Americans, now that CBD drops are more widely available than ever before. And if you look for it, you’re bound to find options on menus at some of your favorite restaurants, cafes and drinking establishments. Whether you’re whipping up a delicious CBD-infused salad dressing at home or kicking back with a CBD-infused adult beverage on a patio, you can celebrate National CBD Day by bringing this cannabinoid to your table in new and fun ways.

  15. Use the hashtag #NationalCBDDay in your social media posts.
    If you’re anything like us, you probably have more than one social media platform that you enjoy scrolling from time to time. A great way to connect and communicate with others who have similar interests is by using hashtags. On National CBD Day, before you post your selfie celebrating cannabidiol, be sure to slap a #NationalCBDDay hashtag on there to let the world know you’re celebrating. And then click that same hashtag and go find others like you. There are tons of us out here, happy to connect and wishing each other all the best in our wellness journeys!

Happy National CBD Day from all of us here at Soul CBD!