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Welcome Organifi Family!

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Why CBD?


Targeted, effective and all natural. Because overcoming everyday aches shouldn’t feel like a pain in the neck.


Having trouble finding your bliss? We’ll lead the way.


Do not disturb. It’s time to catch up on those quality Z’s

CBD is all the rage these days, but is it really worth the buzz?

With Soul CBD, the answer is a resounding, YES!

Don’t get it twisted, not all CBD products are created equal. With Soul CBD, you’re getting 99%+ hemp-derived CBD isolate in a highly concentrated formulation that packs a serious wellness punch.

Does your CBD have SOUL?

Stressed out? Feeling anxious? Can’t sleep? Sore from your workout? As athletes and entrepreneurs, we’ve been there. We know how you feel. What if relief was as easy as C-B-D? We knew we wanted a natural solution, powered by plants. So we created Soul CBD. First for us. Now for you. No matter how you’re feeling…relief is waiting

Welcome to the Soul family.

The effective relief you deserve from a product you can trust.

At Soul, we are dedicated to the pursuit of relief and better living, powered by CBD. Our wellness philosophy is founded on principles of transparency, quality, and efficacy. We know our products will work for you, because they’ve worked for us.

Still not sold? Don’t take our word for it.

CBD Gummies


Your multi-vitamin has met its CBD infused soulmate.

Our original formula is a lighter serving and perfect for those who want an introduction to CBD. Start to find your relief today.

Big Brain Capsules


A proprietary blend of potent CBD and natural cognitive enhancers for brain food you can bank on.

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