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Hemp Extract CBD

What is CBD?

Is CBD natural, clean?

Are your products legal in the US?

What is the difference between CBD derived from hemp versus marijuana?

Will I get high?

Will I pass a drug test?

Are there any contradictions with medication?

Hemp Derived THC

CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum & THC Isolate, What is the difference?

What is THC?

What is microdosing THC?

Who uses THC?

Is Hemp-derived THC Legal in my state?

Will THC gummies get you high?

How do I find the right dose of THC for me?

How long does it take to feel the effects of THC?

Will I pass a drug test if I take Hemp-derived THC?

What else should I consider if I take THC?

Soul Products FAQ

What is the difference between the 1500mg bottles and the 500mg bottles?

How should I store my tincture and what is the shelf life?


Where do you ship?

How much is shipping?

Recurring Orders

How do I cancel or change my recurring orders?

Rewards and Referrals

How do I redeem my rewards points?

How do I check my rewards balance?

Will I get points for orders that were placed before the launch of the Rewards and Referral program?