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Soul CBD was born out of two siblings’ passion for the benefits of CBD. Co-founders Angie Lee, serial entrepreneur, and Mike Lee, world-ranked boxer, have each experienced the powers of CBD. They are a powerhouse duo who have had to (literally) fight their way to the top of their respective industries. Doing this did not come without a cost for either sibling. Both Angie and Mike have unique, powerful stories about their climb to the top, the struggles they have faced along the way, and how they have used CBD to help them stay on top of the game throughout. They know that they do not just have to survive. With the right tools in their belt, they can thrive.




Angie Lee: Serial Entrepreneur, Meatball’s Mom


Angie Lee is a health coach turned business coach, biohacking/wellness expert, speaker, and author. Over the past decade, Angie has ridden the emotional waves of entrepreneurship: going from being 100k in debt to making 100k a month. Angie is no stranger to anxiety. She once had a panic attack that lasted two weeks… yes, TWO WEEKS. Since then, Angie has been on a mission to find relief holistically. As a wellness expert, Angie knew that pharmaceuticals were not an option for her.


Can I get real with you about something that entrepreneurs just don’t talk about enough?


Anxiety is inherent in entrepreneurship. After a decade as an entrepreneur, I still have butterflies in my stomach every single day.


Why? Entrepreneurship is all about risk, fear, and change. Thinking outside the box, pushing boundaries, taking risks, putting yourself in new situations. It demands that we take action. It demands that we jump outside of our comfort zones and do scary shit 24/7.


People love to talk about the beautiful parts of entrepreneurship: following your soul’s calling, chasing your dreams, having freedom to design your life your own way.


These parts are so real, and they make the challenges SO worth it. But it is also real that following your soul’s calling takes A LOT of totally unsexy work and uncomfortable feelings.


To be honest, entrepreneurship is mostly hustling your face off 24/7. Especially in the first few years. And it can be TERRIFYING.


Because it takes:

Showing up and putting work in before you can do things “perfectly”.

Being bold.

Putting yourself out there.

Having scary conversations.

Being vulnerable, awkward, and exhausted most of the time.

Working. A lot.


Here is the terrifying truth about my beautiful journey:

I left college a semester early to launch my second business.

I had zero dollars in my bank account (actually, I was $100,000 in debt) but I had a heart full of passion and drive and a deep knowing in my gut that I was being called to do big things.

I knew in my heart that I was on the right path, but it was still scary as POOP. Yes, that’s the technical term.


Full blown anxiety and panic attacks were on my calendar every day in 2016/part of 2017. My business was blowing up and I wasn’t admitting that I needed help. I was a workaholic, working 18 hours a day and not listening to my soul’s cry for balance. Crying after every launch became my norm. I was paralyzed.


Daily panic attacks began to ruin my life. I could barely function in my business or create content, let alone thrive and begin to scale my business. Using medication was never an option for me, so I was on a mission to find a natural and safe alternative to help me manage. This led me to my new BFF, CBD.


I fell in love with the benefits of CBD as soon as I started using it. I quickly knew in my gut that launching a high-quality, organic CBD company would be my next business baby. Sharing the gift of CBD became my soul’s calling. My next big, terrifying, beautiful leap of faith.


There is one thing that I know with certainty after a decade in entrepreneurship.


In order to be successful and happy deep in your soul, you must do the things that you are absolutely terrified to do. You must show up and grow through the ambiguity and the uncertainty and the anxiety.


But it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.


And, most importantly, you don’t have to do it all on your own.


Your SOULSQUAD is here to support you along the way.






MIKE LEE: World-Ranked-Boxer

Mike Lee is a professional boxer, currently ranked third in the world in his division! He has accomplished this achievement while having to overcome even more hurdles than the average boxing aches and pains. Three years ago, Mike was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called ankylosing spondylitis. (Say that three times fast.) This leaves him constantly inflamed and constantly in pain. His diagnosis came after years of being in pain, being in and out of doctors offices, and being misdiagnosed. Mike took medications and treatment but was looking to further supplement for relief.


I am no stranger to pain.


Yes, I’m a professional fighter. But, no, it’s not from the punches. Or the grueling training. The source of this pain? An autoimmune disease known as ankylosing spondylitis. (Say that three times fast.)


Before I received my diagnosis, I spent years suffering through severe, relentless pain, seeing specialist after specialist who told me that there was nothing physically wrong with me.


Honestly, sometimes the pain of not knowing felt worse than the physical pain.


During that time, I was anxious. I was depressed. And I was sick and tired of seeing doctors who had no answers for me. I was sick and tired of being told that my pain wasn’t real.


When I finally received my diagnosis, I felt a momentary wave of relief to find the source of my pain.


But after that momentary relief came countless procedures and therapies. And, you guessed it, more pain.


I took two years off of boxing during the peak of my symptoms to seek a diagnosis. I returned to boxing after my diagnosis, knowing the extra hurdles that I would have to overcome, and I fought my way up to seventh in the world at 20-0 before I began to openly talk about my disease.


I call this disease the “invisible pain” because, in many ways, when you are dealing with these symptoms they are not recognizable to the naked eye. Anyone who deals with this type of pain and fatigue knows how exhausting and mentally taxing some days can be.


As my relationship with my pain and my diagnosis evolved, and as I became tired of the constant treatments, I began seeking a more holistic approach to healing.


I began to seek natural treatments to manage my symptoms. I knew there had to be a better, holistic alternative to throwing more medications and procedures in the roster. My search led me to CBD.


I have personally experienced the benefits and believe strongly in the power of CBD.


After using CBD for just a few short weeks, I knew that this is a gift I want to share with the world.


As an athlete, I am meticulous about what I put in and on my body. I know the importance of high quality ingredients. Soul CBD is unparalleled in purity and quality and I use it every single day.


I am proud of our product and endlessly grateful that I discovered CBD and have been experiencing its many benefits.


For my body.


For my mind.


For #mysoulcbd.


And I am even more grateful to be able to now share this gift with you.