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Hi guys! It’s Nic & Del from the health and wellness IG @thedetoxingduo 

Our quest to optimize our health began after we were exposed to toxic mold. Before we go any further,  let’s rewind a bit here! After graduating from the University of Southern California in 2017, we were primed and ready for careers in the competitive corporate world. We moved into our first post-grad apartment genuinely excited to dive into our twenties head-first. But everything began to shift after we moved in. Little did we know that we were signing up for years of raging insomnia, gut issues, and crushing fatigue thanks to a very unwelcome roommate we didn’t even know was there!

Bit by bit, we began to put the pieces of our health puzzle together. As it turns out, the toxic mold exposure triggered a host of health issues, including Lyme disease, virus activations, hormone irregularities, parasites, heavy metal toxicity and gut problems. Instead of living our young 20s to the fullest, we spent days and nights researching every possible therapy—western, alternative, integrative, you name it—in an attempt to address the debilitating symptoms we were experiencing on a daily basis.


Getting back to wellness 

Our healing journey sparked an insatiable curiosity for learning and research, so much so that we are currently pursuing master’s degrees in Functional Medicine and Nutrition. We also started our Instagram account , The Detoxing Duo,  where we have been chronicling the evolution of our health journey, sharing what we have learned along the way and inspiring our community to live a cleaner lifestyle. We share it all,  from anti-inflammatory recipes and our favorite non-toxic brands to our go-to healing modalities and biohacks.

One of our biggest bio-hacks for optimizing healing has been our SLEEP! High-quality sleep is essential to keep mitochondria functioning optimally. 


Some of our favorite sleep hacks:

  • Sleep in a cold, dark room (around 65-68 degrees).
  • Power down devices and screens two hours before bedtime, as blue light disrupts your circadian rhythm and lowers melatonin. If you’re going to use devices at night, look into blue light-blocking glasses with red or orange lenses!
  • Get sun in the morning to help regulate your circadian rhythm.
  • Taking a hot bath or shower or sauna before bedtime 
  • Soul CBD’s Dream blend has been a lifesaver for us when we need some extra support. The blend has key sleep-promoting ingredients, including melatonin, valerian root, magnesium, and CBD. 


The CBD-Sleep connection

All of us have an endocannabinoid system that acts like a master modulator, connector, and regulator. This system regulates things like sleep, appetite, pain sensitivity, and immune response. When it comes to catching better Zzzs, research has shown that CBD may help with both falling asleep, staying asleep, and better quality of sleep overall. 

If there’s one thing we can swear by, it’s our own personal experience. Our Oura rings consistently show that the Dream blend helps us not only fall asleep faster, but it also helps us get better quality sleep and a more favorable ratio of REM to deep sleep. Just take a look at these Oura ring results!